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What Should You Know About Using SEO In Your Marketing?

First, if you’re even wondering what’s SEO, this is a good SEO description here. Now moving forward, let’s start out with recognizing some SEO tactics are ok, and some are just plain bad.  It may all seem confusing, but you should know what to look for when working with any search engine optimization agency. What’s important or not, what’s foundational techniques or just a flashy prop, and most of all, where to get good sound online marketing advice. So now let’s explore a few standard credos of the online marketing industry and some of what our agency, Central Oregon SEO, considers to be quality SEO style marketing.

But why listen to us in the first place…? Because we specialize in SEO marketing strategies! These have been developed from, and repeatedly proven to work with, a massive collection of ongoing analytical data from 100’s of thousands of websites. The analyzed data shows us and our partners what has and hasn’t worked over the long term, and how to utilize the information best to be found favorable to the search engine algorithms. We collaborate with hundreds of other digital marketing agencies on a regular basis, who affirm the SEO methods we use work on a global scale, and in their local cities throughout the United States too.

Our online marketing strategies optimize each website with specific target keywords that have the greatest impact on each individual business. Keywords and content that is actively being searched for by your potential and return customers. Since Google wants to help people find quality websites providing good information, and you are in business to help people with your brand product or service, then you need a way to get noticed by Google. This is where our SEO marketing agency bridges the gap for you to make sure Google can see the value of your business! If Google can’t see you properly, or what is provided is confusing or incomplete, then they don’t take as you seriously and will drop your website rankings.

By tracking and understanding the continual fluctuation of the algorithms our optimization techniques are based on clean ‘white-hat’ methods. This means using our industry standards and best practices to maintain a cooperative relationship between our managed websites and the various search engine bots. We specialize in Google website optimization because they are the largest search engine platform in the world and demand to be met at their high expectations. All the other search engine platforms follow right behind and are therefore easily ranked in once your website is ranking well on Google. Our online marketing strategy maintains a websites value with Google generating stable rankings, and is designed for safety and security from any major fluctuations caused by algorithm changes.
If that delicate balance is ever compromised by a few bad links, on-page meta-data mistakes, or from a multitude of unproven SEO tactics… this is where the problems start, and you’ll need a way to fix it. Instead, just don’t go down that path at all! Hire a company that can tell the difference between good and bad SEO, a high-quality link from a low-quality link, and what is required to satisfy Google.

Are You Building Your Brand Online?
If your business and brand aren’t found on page 1 of Google today, then it’s lost to a majority of the incoming search traffic. The traffic exists, people are looking for your business, products or services, but are they able to find you? When was the last time you looked past the first page of results when you searched for something online? The same goes for everyone else… so ask yourself, does your business have a strong online presence now, or is it just in the shadows behind those ‘other brands’?

If your competition ranks above you in the Google search results for a specific keyword term relative to your business, then they are also getting the majority of the customer traffic and sales! It doesn’t take long to see that not making Google happy can cause a lot of potential customers to pass right over your site, which isn’t good for your business’s growth or bottom line.

Take a moment and really consider, why not get your online business presence right with a company knowledgeable in quality search engine optimization techniques that are proven to work over the long term. After all, it’s your business to establish and grow online, so what digital investments are going to make for the future of your business?

Is It Really Worth The Cost?
Your two major online choices to find new customers is primarily between paid traffic and free organic traffic. If you’ve tried any PPC (pay per click) or paid ads campaigns then you know how slim the real returns are from those sources. Even the traffic that eventually reaches your site won’t be very local or niche specific unless you’re paying a premium price for each individual keyword and click. Take a look through Google’s Keyword Planner, a public database of CPC (cost per click) for your keywords and you can quickly see how much even a small advertising campaign will cost… Easily thousands of dollars each month to promote only a few keywords with no real marketable footing, just a quick flash across the screen and it’s gone.
Then consider the paid ads you’re buying are in a rotation sharing exposure with multiple other advertisers all bidding for the same keywords! In other words, your 1st-page presence isn’t stable, nowhere near permanent and gets more expensive as it becomes more popular.  With the ad bidding system, you end up eventually having a bigger ad spend costs as your product or service popularity grows, and the keyword bids go higher. Nowhere in the PPC method are you optimizing your brand, creating stable rankings or sustaining the flow of traffic to your website, so your investment is simply gone.

So what’s the cost/benefit of organic SEO traffic compared to paid ads? Here’s the basic math: The organic CPC is about 1/3 of the cost and yet it receives 30-40% of all the keyword search traffic. On the other hand with paid ads, it would cost 3x more and you would only get a return of less than 9% of the traffic volume. Free organic SEO traffic brings in far more results for much less money every time.

There’s also a major inherent benefit of organic traffic that is far more valuable than the money and more customers combined. It’s stable rankings that organic traffic brings in over for the long term while your business continues to build multiple first-page positionings for the ‘trophy’ keywords you want. This is the ultimate payoff, one that will never come from paid traffic. It’s an investment in your own business assets, your own digital business presence, and its increasing marketable value in the future.

Once you run the numbers, the gap is glaringly obvious between the two, and which one is better for your local business. If you are considering where to invest your advertising budget in 2018 and are interested in a custom organic vs. paid ads CPC comparison, we would be glad to provide you one at no charge.

What Now?
Well, maybe it’s time for a professional to take a look at your website? Quickly get a comprehensive website audit within minutes delivered to your inbox, providing a range of actionable data tailored just for you. A report completely personalized to help you truly understand where your business resides in the search engines and also what you can do now to fix whatever isn’t working on your website. These are actionable steps that help build your business online. You can do them yourself, have your webmaster address them, or consider us to take care of them for you.

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